Personal information

I began my training as a photographer in Weinheim an der Bergstraße in 1982.
Following that, I worked as an assistant for Lucio Amelio in Naples and Paris. At the time, Lucio Amelio’s gallery was one of the best-known galleries for contemporary art in the world. In the course of the ten years that I worked for the gallery and the Amelio Foundation I met a great many important and well-known artists, such as Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, Cy Twombly, Robert Rauschenberg, Jannis Kounelis, Keith Haring, Mario Merz, Robert Mapplethorpe and many others.
In Paris I directed the Pièce Unique AmelioBrachot gallery. Later on I worked as an art-dealer in Berlin and on the island of Sylt.

In 1999, I opened my own gallery, Raum für Bilder, with Erika and Leopold von Diergardt, in Berlin.
Twenty years ago, when I began photographing the case cantoniere for Joseph Beuys, I had no idea that this project would one day come to be my focus. I did return to the project though, and have continued to pursue it to this day.

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